Kids Food Basket, Paper Bags and Friends!

Kids’ Food Basket is a nonprofit organization attacking childhood hunger to help young people learn and live well. They began over ten years ago by serving 125 kids each school day through our Sack Supper program and now serve nearly 7,000 kids each weekday in West Michigan. Sack Suppers are evening meals that provide a well-rounded nutritious meal —nutrition that’s critical to the development of kids’ brains and bodies.

Our family supports this amazing group of people through donations but also through volunteering to pack the sack suppers. Every so often they have a special event. An auction, Runs, and a few weeks ago they asked for people in the community to help decorate lunch bags. Their goal? 70,000. You read that right – SEVENTY THOUSAND decorated bags. Last year, our family of 5 decorated 100. This year we decided to have a “decorate a bag party” at our house and invited friends to join us. After many hours of intense coloring, we had created 227 bags! It was a fun-filled afternoon and we offer up our thanks to the super creative, funny, and positive spirited people we are lucky enough to call our friends!!!

1 IMG_2421 IMG_2422



This is a link to the Kids Food Basket website. If you happen to be reading this post and you are in the West Michigan area, they work mostly on volunteer support and gratefully, have jobs for kids as young as five. What a great way to spend a few hours supporting kids in our communities!

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