Petroleum Treats Anyone?!

We were exploring how food dye is made. We have natural chocolate rainbow drops and purchased the actual brand of M&Ms as well. We also got Skittles in 2 flavors. We watched this great video on what color is made of and then began an experiment.

Here is a link to the Video to get you started:

We took the different and kinds of candy and put them in small bowl of very warm water. Within seconds, the color fell off the centers and dropped to the bottoms of the cups. The same thing happened if the colors were synthetic or if they were natural. Once we removed the centers of the Skittles candy from the cups, leaving only the coloring, we molded it into shapes and then put them in the fridge where they promptly turned as hard as stone. It was an unexpected part of the experiment to see what happens when sugar is melted and cooled and how it can happen over and over again, much like water and ice.

We then took the colored water and used it as paint. Better that then for food :0)

Super strange to all of us here that food manufacturers can use artificial colorings that are proven to cause cancer and it is still OK to sell. Hopefully, more natural colored foods will become more common place as time marches on!!

IMG_2444 IMG_2445  IMG_2455IMG_2449   IMG_2454

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