Digging up the Past…

Eve Hargrave is a Researcher and Anthropologist at the University Of Illinois. Her focus is on late prehistoric mortuary practices of Native Americans in Illinois. We were lucky enough to get to meet with her to learn about what they do in the Archeology Department and see some amazing artifacts! She knows a lot about how Native Americans lived long ago. She knows things like how when they killed deer they used every part…nothing was ever wasted. They used the skin for clothing, the bones for tools, and the antlers for digging things up, and of course, the meat for food.

She asked us if people found our house (kitchen) 500 years from now what would they find? I said, “Dishes and silverware and the fridge… and if they opened it, there would maybe be a sandwich!!?” Yum! Olive said, “Parts of the sink, stove and pots.”

We were able to meet other researchers and there was a room where there more arrow heads than we’d ever seen!! They had drawers and shelves and containers filled with artifacts that had been found by archeologists. I asked what the tiniest arrow head that had been found was and an awesome lady named Madeline showed us a bag of them (see the photo below!). it was amazing to see how small they could be and still be useful! Each piece had a different number on it – I wonder who’s job THAT was!?

Before we left, we met a very famous photographer, Linda who showed us her studio and more and more artifacts. We even saw pieces of corn cobs that were over 10,000 years old!!!!

We ended our tour in the archival room – also known by us as “Box Land”! Thousands of boxes stacked on shelves, labeled, stored, waiting for someone to find a clue to the past. For us, it was just fun to cruise up and down the isles and imagine what the boxes contained!!

IMG_2228IMG_2254 IMG_2230IMG_2232 IMG_2233 IMG_2252IMG_2236 IMG_2237  IMG_2241IMG_2245

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