Corn & Beans, Beans & Corn…

At a farm in Central Illinois, beans and corn are EVERYWHERE!!! This weekend we were learning about corn and beans and how they grow. We started looking at beans and we had found out that the drier brown pods had yellow beans inside compared to the less mature green beans in the green pods. The yellow beans were a lot smaller and drier than the big majestic green beans. On each stalk there are about 45 pods which is really surprising – look at the photo of the bean field below and take a minute to imagine how many beans are out THERE – a LOT!! These soybeans were (unfortunately!) not for eating. They are used for things like vegetable oil and animal feed. I think it is also used in crayons!

The corn is a lot different sporting only two ears of corn on each stalk and 16 to 18 rows on each cob. You know those silks we all work so hard to get off the cob of corn? Each one of them goes to an individual kernel. Can you believe THAT!? There is a photo of my hand touching the root of the corn stalk. These are called brace roots and they are STRONG!!!! These roots dive deep into the earth to give these tall plants stability. I was surprised how small, but strong they were. Like the soybeans, this was also not food grade corn we investigated, which is sad because it would been fun to pop it!

Sounded like from the farmers in the area, fall harvest was set to start next week.

Looks like a busy time is just ahead for them!!

IMG_2365   IMG_2373 IMG_2366IMG_2375IMG_2380



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