What do you Think?

This week was an exciting one! The Midwest Learning and Brain Institute had it’s annual meeting in Holland, Michigan. This is their website where you can learn more about it, the speakers along with past years content and Graphic Recordings of all the speakers:


The 4th day of the Institute, we were lucky enough to be gifted a sheep brain to take home and dissect. We spent quite a bit of time referencing online resources to figure out what parts were what and then took small slices of it and looked more closely under the microscope. Super cool! The last part was to figure out how much water was actually in this brain… When first weighed it 4.3 kg. By day 7 it was down to a surprising .9 kg! It looks WILD without the water. Made all of us appreciate how intricate our own brains are and that we better keep on DRINKING LIQUIDS!!!

A big thank you to Linda and her team for enabling us to have such an engaging experience (and of course, an even bigger thanks for the Sheep that provided the brain!!)

Let us know what you think about that!!

IMG_0982IMG_0984 IMG_0985 IMG_1001 IMG_0997 IMG_0989IMG_2477   IMG_2483IMG_2481

IMG_0983IMG_1119 (1)IMG_1118

This is a great video about the brain. Short and to the point!

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