Spring has Sprung!

This morning was our first day working on at Ground Swell Farms – an organic CSA farm that we have joined this year!

They are based in Zeeland, Michigan and what a great group of hard working people we met there! For more information on what a CSA is or to join or learn more, here is their website:


It was a completely beautiful Michigan morning – light breeze, blue sky and sun. We started by moving squash starts out of the greenhouse that later in the morning would need to be planted. We then moved on to harvesting German onions which was like a breath of sweet garlic with every one pulled up!

Several varieties of squash were placed, then planted and we learned that their roots are very sensitive and don’t like to be touched. Something we completely understood with our crew, I found we were all especially respectful of this quality and we carefully helped each seedling out of their pot and into the black ground they would call home.

We rounded out our morning by washing some of the last onions to prepare for member pickup later today or tomorrow. The veggies are beautiful and happy and it is hard to be filled with wonder on how these little plants grow. We were delighted to be part of their introduction into the earth and the fresh air.

Each Tuesday we will be working there – next week, bigger breakfasts, better shoes and sunscreen!!




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