Gilmore Car Museum

As part of our history studies, we went on an unexpectedly incredible field trip to the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. It is situated on a whopping 90 acres of perfectly groomed land and building after lovely building filled with cars from times gone by. There is an old gas station and diner (that you can eat in!), new buildings and old and if you can believe it – Abe Lincoln was there to say hello. Seriously! Abe! Apparently, he drove a Studebaker and said he liked it quite a bit :0)  There is one building that is designated for only hood ornaments… we had no idea there were so MANY kinds! There is a panoramic photo that has been included in this post of most of the room.

Car buff or not, it was an incredible place! Clean, organized and really gave a clear view of design and the evolution of car engines, finishes and details all in one lovely place!

Here is a link to their website:

IMG_0715 IMG_0663IMG_0674 IMG_0706 IMG_0714   IMG_0701IMG_0704

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