I was born in Michigan…

This week we are learning about Michigan and the Great Lakes. Michigan is the only state that touches 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. We were the 26th state and became a state on January 26, 1837. Our state rock is the Petoskey stone which is actually fossilized coral from 350 million years ago!! Our state gem is chlorastrolite which is green and white making a really cool gem. Our state flower is the apple blossom which in my opinion is very fragrant. Our state bird is the american robin and our state mammal is… no, not humans just the white tailed deer. Oh and guess what? Connecticut has the sperm whale. Nebraska? White tailed deer. Illinois… white tailed deer. Oh look – Mississippi… you got it! White tailed deer!! All together 11 states have the white tailed deer as their state animal! Can you believe it? It’s as though there’s not enough animals in the United States to pick different ones. Strange.

You can see some of the other facts about our state in the wall art we created.


This is one of our favorite Judy Garland songs and is all about Michigan!

6 thoughts on “I was born in Michigan…

  1. Thanks for the Michigan info. I learned something new! Did you know that my Mom lives on Apple Blossom Lane? I don’t think there are any apple blossoms on the lane though, strange…


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