The Rock Cycle!

We spend a lot of time talking about the water cycle but in this experiment we learned that rocks also have a cycle! It was a simple experiment that used very basic supplies. Taking corn starch and honey, we mixed in many colors of jelly beans to create 2 sedimentary ‘rocks’. We then placed one of them in tin foil beneath a heavy pot and placed it in the oven to show what happens with heat and pressure. What resulted were 2 metamorphic ‘rocks’. Again, leaving one as it was and taking the second one, we placed it into a pot with water and boiled it until all the beans were seemingly one. These were the igneous rocks. We discussed how they can move from one form or rock to another and back again creating the never ending rock cycle. Pretty rockin’, right?!


IMG_4282IMG_4286    IMG_4288IMG_4292IMG_4297IMG_4302IMG_4303

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