Naturally Illinois Expo

This weekend we had the good fortune to attend the Naturally Illinois Expo at the University of Illinois in Champaign. We were completely AMAZED at the amount of scientists, researchers, archeologists and staff that were there presenting interactive displays on everything from water, fossils, fish, insects, bones & weather to where oil comes from and how arrows were made long ago. It was surprising to note how specialized the job focuses were of the staff members and we were struck by how well organized the event was!! At every stop, there was so much information shared. Topics about how watersheds work down to the details about why the caterpillar in the image shown below was blue: They fed it artificial food that didn’t have chlorophyll in it which is what makes that same caterpillar on your tomato plants usually appear green – super cool! Meteoroligists were there to show the tracking of humidity and temperature thought the day and even released a weather balloon that would eventually make it over 5 miles high to report back weather stats. So much work went into explaining each installation… We had an extra smile knowing they designed it to be a zero waste event. Three cheers for the Prairie Research Institute!

IMG_9467 IMG_9481

IMG_9502 IMG_9516 IMG_9528 IMG_9532IMG_9525IMG_9471IMG_9485

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