From Maple Trees To Pancakes

This week we learned how to make maple syrup from our very own trees! First, we choose our biggest tree and we drilled a hole big enough for the the spout, and then INSTANTLY sap started to drip out! Next, we hung the bucket on spout, added a lid and waited. Two days later…. it was full of sap.  (People, if it doesn’t happen this quickly your tree is absolutely NOT sick it can take a while….) Once our bucket was full, we poured the sap into the huge pot and let it boil for about three hours. When we were done, we strained the syrup so there were no fibers left.

Here is a link that tells you everything you would need to know about tapping trees and they sell supplies too!

We also discovered that if you boil sap right from the tree for only a few minutes, killing any bacteria that might exist (see more about bacteria on an earlier post – ICK!), you can drink it right up or use it to make sweetened tea. Yum! Sap is mostly water – it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup! That’s a TON of sap to get enough to pour on your morning cakes!

Now that we have syrup – it’s PANCAKE TIME!


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