Eggcellent Experiments!

The week the chicks were supposed to hatch, we did egg experiments to learn more about the world the chicks would be coming into. We talked about buoyancy (sorry about the spelling mistake in the pictures!!), air pressure and structure. We got all the ideas for the experiments from Steve Spangler’s website. Links are below if you want to check them out for yourself!

BUOYANCY: First we took 4 glasses and filled each one with different things: water, vinegar, salt water and watery salt water, then we grabbed 4 and eggs dropped them into the glasses. The water-glass egg dropped to the bottom of the glass. The vinegar egg sunk too. The salt water egg flew up to the top of the glass and stayed there for a while, and the watery salt water now this is awesome… do you want to guess how we made it do that? First we filled the glass 1/2 way with salt water then we very gently added some normal water on top of the salt water and the egg floated in the middle!!!

The DENSITY of the water was what allowed the egg to float or sink to the bottom… In the glass with both, the egg dropped through the clear water and sat (kind of floated) on top of the salty, more dense water. MAGIC!!!!!!!!!

AIR PRESSURE: In this experiment, we lit a piece of paper on fire, dropped it into the glass and placed an egg WITHOUT THE SHELL on top of the opening… After a second or so, the egg started vibrating and then – BAM!!! the egg got sucked into the bottle!!

From what we learned, it was the air pressure trying to equalize itself in the bottle with the air outside it. Once the egg moved out of the way, the air was equal again.

Here is the experiment on Steve Spangler’s website:

STRUCTURE: In this experiment, we were learning that eggs are VERY strong and when an equal force is applied, they are VERY hard to break. We each took one in our hand and tried to squeeze it – but couldn’t! Ever try it!? The big part of the experiment was WALKING ON EGGS! We wore cardboard ‘slippers’ to get the pressure equal and then started walking (with some help from Dad!). It was scary and FUN and only one egg broke after all of us (including my Mom and Dad) walked on them. SO COOL!!!!

IMG_5779 IMG_5791

IMG_5806 IMG_5814


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