Which Came First – The Chicken or the Egg?

In our case, it was the EGG!! Last August, we hatched our first group of chickens! We got our eggs from Townline Hatchery in Zeeland, Michigan. After 13 days of daily charting, adjusting humidity and watching the temperature of the incubator carefully, we candled the eggs (this is when you shine a light into the egg to track its development). It was a shock to see the little embryo moving around inside the shell!!!!! On the 21st day, we woke up to the quiet sounds of peeps! We looked in, and incredibly, during the night, several of the chicks had hatched. Of the 12 eggs, 10 hatched. We moved those sweet baby chicks to our home made brooder and watched them grow over the coming weeks. Every other day, we measured their weight, wing span and foot length. We couldn’t believe how FAST they grew! Gerald was the biggest, Sweet Pea was the smallest. Check out Gerald’s picture at about 2 weeks old… When they were about 3 weeks old, they became harder to cuddle and play with (and boy those little sharp nails and feet are powerful!) and we brought them to our friend Cathy’s house who would be taking them as layers. After many months, she called to tell us that first eggs had been laid (they didn’t come with the smiley faces – Mom drew them on – but wouldn’t that be awesome if they did come out that way?!).  This spring, we are hoping to try hatching ducks or quails!!! Check out these coooool pictures!!!!

Some links to other information on hatching your very own chickens:




Our biggest boy!
Our biggest boy!

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