Digestion in Action!

Yesterday we started learning about basic digestion. First we took some bread and tore it up into crumbs – like chewing – this is where digestion starts, with your saliva. Then we put it all in a bag and poured in what was supposed to be stomach acid (it was really rice vinegar mixed with food coloring) into the bag of crumbs. Then we mashed and squished until it was a soupy mess…just like it would be in our stomachs – YUCK!!!! Then on to the small intestines where nutrients get absorbed into the body. Finally, we drained out the water. That is what happens in our large intestines, it absorbs the water and salt leaving only the stuff that remains…waste. something that we didn’t show you was that while we were draining out the water, part of the bag ripped and it sprayed EVERYWHERE!!! That was a very REAL experiment!!!

Ohhh! I'm hungry!
Ohhh! I’m hungry!

IMG_8211 IMG_8214IMG_8216IMG_8218IMG_8222IMG_8227IMG_8230

This is a really cool video we watched where someone took a camera and explored digestion in action:

This is another video (5 minutes) that we thought was really funny –

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