The Land of Pies!!!

This week we went to Crane’s Restaurant in Fennville, Michigan to see how they made the pie and other items.The first thing we saw was all of the apples and applesauce. It was stored in a huge (and VERY cold) room…all of the apples were stored in gigantic crates that hold bushels and bushels of handpicked apples. Then we went to the freezer room where they store all of the baked goods that they make all winter long. At Crane’s, they make pies, dumplings, apple butter, jams, fruit wine, apple cider and everyone’s favorite…CIDER DONUTS!!!!!! The day we went there, they planned to make over 1,000 pies!!!!! Thats a lot of work and apples!! To lean more about Cranes, click on their website:


2 thoughts on “The Land of Pies!!!

  1. While the girls were here for continuing education, the fun was all ours! It is very cool when you can amaze and inspire others with what you do for a living. Thank you Olive and Lucy and Ronna for coming to Crane’s!


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