Getting to Know Eddie!

One of our favorite things to do is to learn more about people in our community! We ask the questions and Mom does her “Graphic Recording” of the answers. A few weeks ago, we went to interview and learn more about our good friend and wood sculptor (and baker, exceptional cook and pianist!), Eddie Parach. The most surprising thing we found out was how many different jobs he’s had and how many kids were in his family growing up (FIFTEEN!). He gave us a studio tour and showed us how he creates his beautiful wood sculptures. When we left, he gave us a box of wood pieces to make our own “eddie-inspired” sculptures. Eddie’s sculptures (complete and in process) are first, then Lucy’s and Olive’s creations follow! See what you think!

interview eddie

IMG_7741_2IMG_7742 IMG_7740 IMG_7744_2IMG_8119IMG_8123

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Eddie!

  1. I think this is a Wonderful idea!!! It is so great that your kids see real people, not just have this assumption that getting a job is easy with a college degree, like I so naively thought. I have really been enjoying your blog. Thank you!


  2. It sounds like you had a very interesting studio tour. Eddie does some beautiful wood pieces and inspired some beautiful Lucy and Olive wood creations, too!

    I’ve known some people who grew up in big families but fifteen kids — wow!


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