Under the Microscope

Today we are looking for different structures in food. Mom just got a new camera (Wi-Fi Moticam) that attaches to our microscope so we can take pictures of what we are seeing!  First we looked at sugar and salt. Seeing them up close was pretty awesome! We were surprised that you could tell the sugar from the salt crystals just from there shape. We also looked at oats and feathers. The oats were the most surprising of all…it looked…fibery! The feathers on the other hand, looked iridescent. (I know feathers are not food but I could not help showing) …ok we also did ribbon, honey, hangnails (that was not pleasant!), flour, mom’s glasses and our shirts & pants. So cool!!


An OAT up close!!!! Crazy, right?
A feather  – up close :0)

4 thoughts on “Under the Microscope

  1. Bubbie and Aunt Nancy are really enjoying reading about your lessons and hard work! Sounds like a wonderful learning adventure. Hooray for homeschooling!!


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